Portraits of Perseverence, by Henry Gariepy (Victor)

Wisdom to Live By, by Henry Gariepy (Victor) 

Friend of the Lonely Heart, by Josh McDowell & Norm Wakefield (WORD) 

Under Siege, by Josh McDowell & Chuck Klein (with Ed Stewart) (WORD) 

Ambassador of Sunshine, by Pollitt and Wiltse (Revell)

Baseball Chronicles, by Mike Blake (Betterway Books)

Stand Out, by Bill Sanders (Revell)

The Search for Lost Fathering, by James L. Schaller (Revell)

Music Worth Talking About, by Tim and Patty Atkins (Baker)

The Solomon Syndrome, by Bob Beltz (Revell)

The Father Connection, by Josh McDowell (Broadman & Holman)†

There Is a Godby Antony Flew with Roy Abraham Varghese (HarperOne)* 

and others


†Gold Medallion honoree              *Christianity Today Book Award honoree