“You were a favorite who closed out our conference with a bang. You had something for everyone” (Jerry Jenkins, Christian Writers Guild).

"You were such a hit. You are always entertaining, providing laughs with your marvelous illustrations and anecdotes, but the audience also goes away with solid information and content-heavy lessons and applications. We appreciate your ability to be amusing and thought provoking in the same talk” (Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Editorial Board, Christian Writers Guild).

“Well worth the wait! Super job!” (Patti Souder, Montrose Christian Writers Conference).

“Great material! I was highly inspired, motivated and educated” (Marita Littauer, President, CLASS Services).

“You stunned us” (Jerry Jenkins, Christian Writers Guild). 

“What a weekend. It was freezing cold but your warm spirit was felt by all. Sometimes a guest is exactly that, a guest. You became part of our group and I feel it made all the difference” (Theresa Turner, The Salvation Army, Chicago, IL).

“I love hearing you speak because I know I will learn something, laugh at something, and leave with something memorable and applicable” (Lissa Halls Johnson, author and speaker). 

“Fantastic workshops! You are always a big hit” (Brenda Custodio, Columbus (OH) City Schools).

“You did a wonderful job on Sunday morning as our closing speaker. It was truly outstanding. You blew them away!” (Kerma Murray, Christian Writers Guild). 

“What a wonderful presentation. The Lord is really using you, and your message is something we all need to hear” (Kevin Mabry, Central Ohio Praise Gathering).

"You never disappoint, never fail to surprise, and always make every moment instructive and entertaining" (Reg A. Forder, American Christian Writers).

“As always, you presented practical material in an interesting way. How fortunate we are to receive instruction from a master craftsman like you” (Holly Davis, Greater Cincinnati Christian Writers Fellowship). 

“Our greatest thanks to you for bringing your warmth and personality to our conference. You are so genuine” (Barb Albert, Columbus (OH) Christian Writers).

"You were quite a hit....We cannot thank you enough for the professional, educational, and personable atmosphere you brought to us" (Victoria Ryan, Mad Anthony Writers Conference).