People have been begging (no, seriously, they really have) for group studies to accompany Bob's books. NOW, thanks to this site, downloadable studies that accompany four of Bob's books are available for use with your small group, Sunday school class, or Bible study. 

18 free group study sessions related to Bob's book, The Red Letter Prayer Life (buy via CBDBarnes and Noble, or Amazon), in PDF form here

17 free studies related to Bob's book, The Red Letter Life (buy via Barnes and NobleCBD, or Amazon), are available in PDF form here

12 free studies for use with Bob Hostetler's book, Falling in Love with God (buy via Barnes and Noble or Amazon), based on the Bible book of Hosea, can be downloaded here

15 free easy-to-use, impactful group studies on Bob's book, American Idols (The Worship of the American Dream) can be found hereAmerican Idols details the most common--and dangerous--modern idols that could be hindering your prayers, impeding your spiritual growth, and limiting God's blessing on and through your life. It is not only perfect for your private reading and study, but a helpful resource for groups who want to spotlight and overcome the idols that infect their lives, their families, and even their churches.